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THE DH ART is an artlia partner gallery based in South Korea. She has renovated the family-owned art shop and gallery, which has been in existence for 20 years, to make art more accessible and enjoyable to the public. In contrast to other galleries, their aim is to locate in more public places of residence in order to promote the general public's understanding of art. By constantly discovering and introducing experienced artists, they support exhibition opportunities for these very artists and offer cultural experiences for the public. With facilities ranging from kindergartens to secondary schools nearby, the exhibitions mainly focus on works that are easy to understand for students and family members. It should also be noted that these exhibitions can be visited free of charge by students and that various materials and places for art learning are made available.

At the same time, they actively participate in international and domestic trade shows to introduce Korea's talented artists. Another goal of THE DH ART is to serve as the best possible bridge between customer and artist.

Artist in the gallery

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