Künstlerin | Farzaneh Ebadifard

Artist Farzaneh Ebadifard

I have had a passion for painting since I was a child in Tehran, Iran, during the 80's. The year 2000 was a special year for me, in which I finally turned my hobby into my profession.

After studying chemical engineering, I started studying Persian (miniature) painting because of my interest. Thanks to my MA degree in art research, I am also very familiar with art history and international art.

So far in Tehran I have had the opportunity to present myself in 3 individual exhibitions on Persian painting. My last exhibition involved 7 paintings about the love story of Haft Paykar Nizami.

During my two children's charity group shows, I have worked with over 20 children to paint about Shahnama's stories and characters.

After seven years of experience teaching painting and miniature to children and adults, I am convinced that teaching is the best way to improve your painting skills as well.

Over the years, various materials such as oil paint, acrylic, gouache, watercolor and pencil have particularly stood out as tools for my artistic self.

Living in Germany today, I enjoy conveying positive emotions to people here when they look at my oriental art. I also hope to revive in my artwork what is slowly fading by drawing inspiration from ancient Persian history, literature and culture.


The Persian Lady


The Persian Man


A Persian Love Story


flowers and the bird

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